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Great Numbers! is a resource for people who run a business, and want to boost profits, grow revenue, and make it more valuable:

  • Executives with P&L responsibility.
  • Business owners.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Business students with big plans.

There's a powerful new way to do this. The guidebook, at right, tells the story of two Fortune 200 CEOs.

  • One used it, and emerged a hero.
  • The other didn't, and was replaced.

The whole story is in the free, no-strings sample, at right.

The idea is simple...

Find the best things you can do to boost results, then do them.

To do that, without overlooking a whole lot of results potential, is not simple, or obvious. As you'll see, you'll the need the guidebook.

It, and the earlier articles here, will power your search for those best things you can do, in your unique business.

Here are 3 of those things:

  • Customers' feelings about your business, with their decision to buy from you again ranging from "no way" to "always."
  • Whether your ads are ignored, or create "I want that!"
  • How easy or frustrating what you offer makes prospect's and customer's lives.

There are ten more of these in the guidebook. All of them are aspects of the upside that often lies untapped in a business, preventing it prospering to the degree it could.

The guidebook will help you tap that upside. It also includes the tools you'll need to pull it off.

More results resources

On this site, you'll find a number of our earlier results-related articles, published by Chief Executive magazine (and made available here with their permission).

Two articles that will help any business

It's not that hard to create zealous customers

There are 3 essential things you can do, resulting in a substantial revenue upside. The free article here will help you kick start a zealous-customers program in your company.

How you can get revenue up, right now

Sinking demand is among the toughest challenges in business. But your competitors still have revenue and you can get some of theirs.

In a 3-hour workshop, 6 seasoned CEOs found an average revenue gain of 25%. More here.

What one booming, well-run business found

The $22 million US division of a booming and well run international marketing and distribution company was growing at 30% per year, with an operating profit margin of 16%.

They used one of our tools to find 6 specific management actions they could take, their best shots, that together would boost their 30% annual revenue growth rate by another 14.5% over the next 36 months, while raising profits by 147% and increasing their operating profit margin from 16 to 23%, as shown here.

Roger, the company's U.S. president, said...
"I had a substantial goal to boost our business. But frankly, I didn't have a very clear picture of how we were going to get there. Now I have what I call a map: what we need to do to not only get to that goal, but to go beyond and to essentially get us very close to our full potential."

The "map" and the actions they found brought a palpable increase in the energy and enthusiasm of the people responsible for turning the map into reality. Read more...

Our Programs' Foundations

Insight-Based Management: first understand the best thing(s) you can do to boost your results, then do them. Instead of just doing what just comes to mind (also known as "winging it"), and being frustrated, or worse, when the outcome doesn't meet expectations.

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