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Results Best Practices-for Executives
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In essence, we guide executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs in finding their best ways to boost their results, as described in our book, The Upside Within Reach: A New Way to Create a Prosperous Business, out now.

This guidance is provided, subject to availability, by experienced executives we call guides.

They'll help you explore the upside potential your business holds in areas like:

  • Relationships with customers.
  • The value proposition(s) you offer.
  • Your brand(s), pricing, and cost management.
  • Your opportunities and potential new markets.
  • Your business and product or service design.
  • Innovation.
  • Your management practices.

The guide can also help you in using the book's Let's See insight-based management tool to decide on the most beneficial, and realistic, things you can do.

The result of this work includes both the results improvements the guide helps you find, and your newfound ability to do this yourself, next time around.

In other words, you'll become better at creating outsize results.

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