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Drew Morris, Founder and CEO

Drew’s career began at Bell Labs, where he worked in data networking (economic analysis, network design and optimization), programming research and in large-scale software design and development. From there, he held management positions at Chase Manhattan Bank, and in consulting.

In 1983, he founded, and continues to manage Winnertech, a pharmaceutical and management consulting firm. Drew has personally advised its clients on marketing, customer care and the design of customer experiences, as well as in a number of technical efforts.

The wide-ranging research and program development work that now forms the core of The Extraordinary Executive Program began in 1994.

Drew holds a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from Manhattan College, and Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Systems Engineering from what is now Polytechnic University, in New York City.

But most of his education has come from “the lumps dished out” and “the hard-won learnings” during his twenty-eight years as a manager, entrepreneur and leader, and his efforts to help fellow entrepreneurs.

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