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Our Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values

Why We’re Here

We believe that in most every business, and in every management team, there’s more, i.e. greater profits and growth. Executives who can consistently find and deliver this “more” will find their futures filled with bigger opportunities, a more exciting and fulfilling lives, and considerably higher career earnings.

We exist to help executives get clear on how to do this, and to help them do it the first time. Then we teach the executives how to do for themselves what we did with them. And then, we leave.

As the business becomes more prosperous, all who have a stake in its success, shareholders, executives and employees become better off. They’ll then be able to put that increased prosperity toward their own worthy purposes.


Our mission, then, is to help executives become extraordinary at their craft, and in so doing, help create more prosperity—and share it around.


  • help entrepreneurs and executives worldwide excel at creating greater prosperity in the businesses they operate
  • encourage the use of that prosperity to benefit all people, and our world
  • help promising entrepreneurs gain the knowledge to realize their dreams, and their full potential


  • Earn, don’t take
  • Respect for everyone
  • The truth

Helping Future Entrepreneurs

In free societies, most  new wealth comes from the innovative efforts of entrepreneurs and corporations. They truly create prosperity.

But there are many “people with promise” today whose background or circumstances hold them back from their full potential. We’re committed to helping promising entrepreneurs acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed, and to create their own “more to go around” in the world. A portion of our profits each year will go toward that end.

An example of programs that we will support is the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) which teaches at-risk high school students in the U.S. to run legitimate businesses.

Thank You’s

A wonderful group of people have contributed to the concepts, content and look of this site. Please see our Thank You’s page.

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